Monday, March 19, 2018


            1   homage to the perfection of wisdom
                     the lovely,the holy!

              Avolakita, the holy lord and bodhisattva,
            was moving in the deep course of the wisdom
                   which has gone beyond.
                he looked down from on high,
                  he behald but five heaps
               and he saw that in their own being 
                    they were empty.

          here, o sariputra,form is emptiness
            and the very emptiness is the form;
         emptiness doesn't differ from the form,
         form does not differ from emptiness;
         whatever is form that is emptiness,
         whatever is emptiness,that  is form;
           the same is true of feelings,
       perception,impulses,and consciousness.

          here,O sariputra,
     all dharma are marked with emptiness;
       they are not produced or stopped,
         not defiled or immaculate,
         not deficient or complete.
                therefore,O sariputra,
        in emptiness there is no form,
        nor feeling,nor perception,
        nor impulse,nor consciousness;
             no eye,no ear,nose,tounge,body,mind;
             no forms,sound,smells,tastes,touchables
                   or object of mind;
             no sight-organ element and so forth,
       until we come to: no mind-consciousness element;
    there is no ignorance, no extinction of ignorance,
             and so forth,until we come to:
    there is no decay and death.
    no extinction of decay and death.
   there is no suffering,no origination,
        no stopping, no path.
there is no cognition, no attainment
        and no non-attainment.

             therefore , o sariputra,
   it is because of his non-attainments
       that a bothisattava,
   through having relied on the perfection of the wisdom,
          dwells without thought-coverings
he is not been made to trimble,
he has overcome what can upset,
and in the end he attains to nirvana.

             all those who appear as buddha
              in three period of time
             fully awake to the outmost,right
              and perfect enlightenment
             because they have relied
            on the perfection of wisdom

       therefore one should know the prajnaparamita
       as the great spell,the spell of great knowledge,
           the outmost spell,the unequlled speel,
             allayer of all suffering,in truth-
              for what could go wrong?
               by the prajnaparamita
            has this spell been delivired.
                it run like this:
gone,gone,gone beyond,gone altogether beyond,
         O what an awakening,all-hail!
     this complete the hear of perfect wisdom.


1)perfection of wisdom- truth

2)bodhisattiva        -one who has become a buddha but still holdning himself in the world of time and 
                       space to help others.'essentially buddha',ready to drop and disappear.

3)avalokita           -one who look from above,one who stand at he seventh center,sahasrar.

4)five heaps          -buddha says-
                       man consist five element,five SKANDHAS, which are all empty.and because of the
                       combination of the five,a by product arises called ego,the self "I"

5)here                -buddha space,from his vision of the world,from the transcendental standpoint
                       the space where he exist and the eternity......

6)...nor consciousness- buddha says-
                        when there is no content,when there is no object,the subject also disappears.
                        the consciousness which is always of the object is no longer found there.

7) ignorance no 
extinction of ignorance- buddha says-
                        ignorance never been there,it was shadow of knowledge,it was shadow of the
                         mind addicted to knowledge.

8)non-attainmentness   -buddha says-
                        you cannot attain anything right now at this very moment instantaneously
                        except have not claimed it,it remains there.....

9)thought-coverings     -buddha says-
                         there are three kind of thought coverings

                         1.karma averna -incomplete act.each act want to be uncomplete
                                         act cover our being.
                         2.klesas averna-greed,hate,jealousy....they are all klesas,impurities; they
                                         cover you.
                         3.ghaya averna -beliefs,opinions,ideologies,knowledge coverings.

10) prajnaparamita      - prajnaparamita is a mantra.mantra spell to take away things which are not
                          e.g-mantra help to drop your ego,ego which is not.simillary misiries,greed...

11)in truth
   for what could go wrong?- buddha says
                             it will show you false as false,what remain is truth.when you know truth
                             nothing can go wrong.buddha says only better thing in this world that we
                             can do is to know illussion as illussion and to know truth as truth
                             i.e to know shar as shar and to know ashar as ashar.

12)gone                     -gone from matter,gone from body,gone from visible,the tangible
13)gone                     -gone from life,the so called wheel of life and death
14)gone beyond              -gone beyond mind,thought,thinking,self,ego.
15)gone altogether beyond   -gone beyond the beyond,the christo-sphere, into the uncreated.

16)all-hail                 -alleluia! ecstasy that everybody is searching.rightly or wrongly.


Talking about love 💕💞💖

from where to start and how to start.beacause what ever i am going to say cannot be is the best thing about which i am going to talk and best thing cannot be talk it can only be felt.and i am feeling a vibration of this best thing inside me.i am feeling the bliss of love.
and i want to share this love with,s not that i love animal the less,people the less,nature the less, it's only that i feel that i love u the more.there are lot's of thing going around and lot's of people moving around and in this crowd i saw only love is best thing which can happen and only with you i can move into love.tell me o! tell me haven't you  ever close your eyes and try to ponder what is that wich make us beautiful and haven't you ever come to this realizaton of love which every one of us being a whole hearted animal who can feel the every moment of the heart beat going inside me and it's rythemic singing love! love!love! and love! all the  time.every breathe of mine want to share breathe of your.up to now in my heart love was denied,something lost or unreconozied but seeing you i feel it's erupting up in my heart and i am doing a silly thing to expressed it in mere a words but still i hope you will valued it.nature has made
us like this something it has given to you and something it has given to me but how long could we go alone.One day for sure you have to share your heart with other and i ask you to share it with me.let's just expand in this love and be enriched by each other.million of words i can write but if you just can look deep in my eyes and and hold my hands for a moment you will understand how much i love you.i can fall in love you not once but as many time as your breathe in and as many time as you breathe out or more than that.
let's we be in love.let all this darkness of the time going inside be enlightened by this love
we can grow our life in love and can bloosom like a flower so that you and i can celebrate and just celebrate..

i just wonder sitting silently in this passing time with my pendulum like swinging thought going in my head.i just think may be have i been in love my pendulum will have stop swinging and all the passion of the deepest of mine would have found a hand to share would have been much beautiful and you and me must have feeling the tremendous estacy of this beautiful world.all the flower would have peer through our eyes too see this world and they of course would have smile to find their deepest scent  being enjoyed by us.sun would have bump more with light in the dazziling sky,the moon would  disperse it's white color and birds would chrip a song of love making all the leaves dancing in the whip of slow wind.dream you may call it but i like  dream and imaginaton ,which are infinite space where love flows breaking it's all boundries and fence.where love fly with the freedom of a thousnad doves.
let's fall in, it's a frightning way to fall frightning in the sense that we may
never reach the abyssal. Indeed if we can fall freely we may start to rise...let's fall so that 
we can rise...let's move so that we can understand...let's be together so that we can disappear.........................(continuous)

                                      beautiful lyrics put together

From my youngest years
till this moment here
I've never seen
such a lovely queen

From the skies above
to the deepest love
I've never felt
crazy like this before

you should paint my love
it's the picture of a thousand sunsets
it's the freedom of a thousand doves
Baby you should paint my love

Been around the world
then I met you girl
It's like comming home
to a place I've known
When i were young
and on your own
How did it feel
to be alone?
I was always thinking
of games that I was playing.
Trying to make
the best of my time.

But only love
can break your heart
Till now I always got by on my own I never really cared until I met you And now it chills me to the bone You dont know how long I have wanted to share a word with you. You don't know how long I have waited and I was going to tell you tonight But the secret is still my own
and my love for you is still unknown.From the very first moment I saw you
That's when I knew All the dreams I held in my heart. when I'm writing for you now
My eyes are so wide Like you reached right into my head And turned on the light inside
Give me a whisper from inside and i will hear it whereever i am. Don't you take it so hard now
And please don't take it so bad I'll still be thinking of you
i'm falling harder than i've
ever fell before
i'm fallin faster, hoping
i'll land in your arms
cause all my time is spent here
longing to belong
to you
i dream of circles perfect
eyes within your face
my heart's an open wound that
only you replace
and though the moon is rising
can't put your picture down
love, it's a frightning way to fall
and when the time is right, i
hope that you'll respond
like when the wind gets tired
and the ocean becomes calm
i may be dreaming but i'm
longing to belong
to you
I can't love you if you won't let me
Can't touch me if you don't try
I can feel you
I know that you're ready to take it to the other side

Let's make the moment right
It's now or never
Even the darkest night
Will shine forever if you can just say yes.


fear is there in form of ambition for the hidden inferiority complex 
can turn you into ego of success if not make you depressed
fear is there in form of anger for the hidden depression 
can turn you into sadist if muscular or to masochist if feminine.
fear is there in form of desire may turn you into 
greed and selfish and tranquilize you in deep sleep.
fear is there in form of competition for the hidden comparison
may turn you into arrogant if success if not hater.
fear is there in every competition for hidden identity crisis
can give you a personality if success if not make you critics
fear is there in all the organized group in form of unity can turn
turn u a sheep in the heard if not give u illusion -lion in the jungle.
fear is there in your every achievement that you may lose it
in your every lose that you may not achieve it.
fear is there in your measurement when u measure time with your
memories as past and measure same time with your ignorance as future.

you are nothing but a bundle of fear.fearful person who is not fully alive
just to see a death that it is everywhere, in every step you stumble.
watch ,see you are a observer(a fear) with merely a bundle of of ideas and 
memories.which u hold on any subject, which u know is without any validity where 
your fear as u are is an actuality.if u say i am afraid i'll say are you any 
different from the things observed which is fear.just a realization 
and there is no longer any dissipation of energy in effort and no time interval 
between the you (observer or fear) and  observed(fear).when you see you are a part 
of fear not separate from it that you are a fear than you cannot do anything about 
it.then fear comes to an end.


Buddha awareness

do not try to change a thing coz nothing can be change since everything is part of same drama only thing matter is your role how you play this drama
and this drama is run by three shakti(energy)
(1)maya shakti(energy for every human unconscious journey)
(2)jiva shakti(energy for every living being plant,animals)
(3)jad shakti(energy for non living being,matters)
(4)chaityana shakti(energy for enlighten one or awaken one)

     one cannot change a drama,since he/she is him/her self part of it
a person witin his same state with certain thought of change cannot change
coz the rebel he/she adopt to change is nothing but a reaction and the source for his rebel is his/her very existing society.
    change is not matter or subtance sitting there which can be alter so easily.change is a process ...way,path of creating and discovering,making mistake and learning,becoming and understanding.......change which is brought upon is not change but that one which  happens is a change.
the very first step towards this change is realization that person knows 
nothing thus bringing a mind into a movement from illusion to reality, false to truth.but if u try our effort to change ourselves than there is conflict of duality between the one who wants to change and the imiganery one who will be changed.the only way is put our little effort or in krisnamurthi language effortless effort i.e just put our little effort to be silence and rest the soul knows how to heal itself.
but how can a consciousness transcend itself.not by running from the world,society coz since your born means there is a reason for it.One should find this reason and try to live it .(of course one can spent some 
time alone in nature).you cannot live something and run away coz leaving 
something means in one way being attach with doesn't means one sting 
and remain possessive coz we know one day everything will be taken away from us.
      At least one most use his/her power of thinking for what he/she is wanting. whatever one think one start to feel,what one feels start to repeat,thus making it's habit pattern,this habit turns into attitude-to 
character and one day start to take a form of action and thus ultimaetly it becomes one's destiny.
so one should remember that what one thinks now will one day become his destiny.And what could be more important than a destiny of death coz we know at least that whatever be death is our destiny/reality.
now let's make death a destiny(i.e lets start to think about it)than first 
time we have stared journey with right step i.e we began journey with end in mind,that end is death and that is invitible. lets start to practice something in path of realizing this destiny i.e. from now let's start to 
die and the path towards the death is middle path coz all other path is 
phenomena of -
which are all two sides of same coin.if you sting to one than you sting to 
other.only middle path is the right way.coz one don't sting here we just witness .witnessing is path towards salvation
we know it's our mind that have to follow this middle path and since our mind is so full ofchaos,violence,greed......It should be given pre-hypnotic suggestion/auto-suggestion with strong 
determination.this we can take as a vow:-
some important vow are-
(1)i observe refraining from harming living directly or indirectly
(2)i observe refraining from taking any intoxication
(3)i observe refraining from lying
(4)i observe refraining from any sexual misconduct
(5)i observe refraining from taking what does the owner not give.
      with this five vow your sila(moral) become stronger and thus opening a way to follow all other sila needed in the way like asthangik arya marga 
developed by gautam buddha(8 fold path)-
(1)right view(understanding)
(2)right action(livelihood)
(3)right expression (speech)
(4)righta wareness (mindfulness)
(5)right commitment (effort)
(6)right acceptance
(7)right intention
(8)right meditation
         while following sila deep down you have this habit which will show it's power:
       all this is of course are needed on the cannot understand unless 
one judge,one cannot let go unless one fully cilng to something,one cannot 
discriminate unless he/she says "no"
but when depth increase one will know the futility of it and unknowingly
one transcend all these one is person with strong-

  at this time new conscious arises which now can realize two types of counsciousness it has used in way-
(1)science counsciousness-
               which analyze judge, ask break disintigrate rationalize give logic.......
                 Which  fantasies imagine dreams emotionalize.......
when two counsciousness is fully realized then this 3)spritual
become master of the other two consciousness.
this spritual counsciousness will now dominate other forms of
one's the ego will be used by this counsciousness.
the ego which was master will now will lose it's power, this big fat ego with it's various side like 

[1]For wealthy one-
               i have
               i posses

[2]for karmic one-
                i dominate
                i did
                you cannot

[3]for knowledge addict          person-
                i know
                i am right
                you'r wrong
                i am justified
                you'r not justified

then one will develop a right's also a state of equanimity where
one now don't feel attach to goods nor feel aversion to become just choice less aware. choice less awareness doesn't mean one remain aware without choosing anything.It's a state where very awareness can realize consequences of all action and the choice it have to make with 
according to that consequences.understanding this consequences and taking responsibility is dhamma. this is a state of fully surrendered.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Ocean of reality

As you go deeper within yourself, you will find the center, and not only of yourself. It will be the center of the whole existence. At the center we meet, on the periphery we are separate. We are separate only in our bodies, in our minds, but beyond body and mind we are just an ocean of consciousness.
There is no 'I am', there is simply pure awareness with no distinctions, no divisions."
Man is bound to remain in misery simply because he thinks in terms of separation, he thinks in terms of his own identity.
But remember: No man is an island. To think oneself separate from the whole is the only illusion. All other illusions arise out of it.
We are part of a vast continent, we are not islands. To remember it is the only way to be transformed. We have not really to change anything, because the very idea of separation is false. It is just an idea.  Once it is understood everything becomes clear.
This idea is just an error, a mistake
It arises because of certain reasons: We have separate bodies, that gives the idea of separation. We have separate minds, that gives the idea of separation; but we are neither the body nor the mind.   We are consciousness.
Once you start feeling yourself as consciousness, then there is no separation

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


the alien has come to our planet.i have heard that they are searching something precious.and what was it i wonder for a moment yes i thought it may be gold,diamond if not propepaly some kind of valuable mineral like petrol,coal ,if it also not then i thought it surely must be our engineering output like laptop,car etc.but i was suprise that they had come here for nothing but to take! now i got the point.they may have found our intillegent very useful and they have come here to take us so that they could use us.but i was absolutely wrong when i later came to know that they were far intillegent than us.
preplexed! i gaze in sky,wonder in blankness my void of mind couldn't catch up any answer.tired i gave up and turn around just to relax.there was a rose flower,it was gleaming in it's red color.better to say red color dark,red color littel dark,red color  moderate,red color light...then i realized i couldn't describe that color too but insted i could just be with was sparkling as if it has fulfilled it's dream ,happy to be bloosom,similing as if it has known some secret,patient as if even death will not touch it.i was enjoying being with it, suddenly a whip of current blush through it leaving it dancing in the air,the sweet decent smell than reach to my nose.i fell as if i am hypnotized by pulled me towards it.i felt there was a invisible thread connecting me with it.i was just been pulled and when i suddenly blink my eye just to realize it was all hapened in a  mere a second.i was amuzed to find my second sometime could be so much beautiful and this was the precious moment for me.precious this word in my mind again remaind me of alien.oh! i got the answer they have come here for nothing but to transplant our organ.i latter heard that they could sell there whole area about as much big as kathmandu and all their houses and building just to get all the organ of a single human being.and i have heard that there is only one alien able to do their planet they call him the richest one.i wonder what this rich one doing up there. i heard that he is been spending his time planting some flower and writing some poem.i came to know that he has been declared as masterpiece of their planet and they are planning to preserve his body after his death.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

BARRIER...voices inside my head

another barrier is nothing but your this tiny little time of eternity you have been a playing a game of competition.the relation you have established with your friend because of your ego- because you think he is talent or superior or intelligent............this relation may appear very important outside but inside it will ruin will never let you to loose the rope of knowledge and ego which you think you will go on achieving maintaining this relation.the very base of this relation was not right so it could not lead you to the right.for once you have to break this relation and if possible should establish new one (but of course not for the establishing shake) .now this new relation should be natural.if there is  point which exist in you so that you can relate your thought or ego with some one ,then such point should be destroyed as fast as possible.the hope of something which can be achieve by remaining in this relation should be destroyed.people are foolish and dangerous they don't even need a hope from others they create their own hope, and always get lost with another greatest hope to fulfill that hope- which i like to give it a name attachment.Attachment it self is dangerous in one way or other. attachment should be replace by love.and this love should be equal to all the beings.people either want to give or take but any relation should be made such that there is no feeling of this give and should be somewhere in the middle.the person may feel as other person loves him and can help him but he should also remember that other person will never act like he expect them to act. in other other word he have to leave  the habit of any expectation  from,friendship,.......will create a bondage if it is created out of some desire.try to ignore such a thing which is not in relation of love with you  or else it will be just another chapter of acting and reacting with someone else like you..................


THE HEART SUTRA             1   homage to the perfection of wisdom                      the lovely,the holy!               Avolaki...